Should I get my Bridal Prep Photographed?

When I meet with couples one of the things they ask is what is involved with photographing the wedding prep? Some are not sure if they want just bride prep or groom prep as well, or no prep at all. For me prep is one of the best parts of the day, it gets the wedding party used to having the camera around and of course lets us capture some great details that would otherwise be missed.

Whilst I can understand that some couples just don’t want to be photographed while they are getting ready I wanted to point out why I love bridal prep photography and how it can really add to the overall day and ultimately help tell the story of your wedding. They also really add to the wedding album as a structure for the day. The prep photos can really help set the scene, imagine the first images you see are the dress, shoes and little details before they are put on and before everything is ready and everyone is excited but nervous. These can make for some amazing moments and sometimes tears, laughter and apprehension and lead to fantastic images.

All the planning has been leading to this one day and it can be a lot for couples to take in when the day finally arrives, this means there can be some great emotional shots. This is a part of the day that will not be seen by the other party, so if no photos are captured, then you will never see them, which can be a shame. My couples always say that the morning goes so quickly they are glad they have some images to look back on and it is interesting to see how the other party prepared prior to the ceremony.

This is the part of the day when the bride normally sees her father or whoever is giving her away for the first time. This is usually a great moment and can be when the realisation kicks in that it is your wedding day and you are actually getting married! Obviously this leads to some fantastic photos.

How much time should I allow? Well I usually work off a rule of around 2 hours prior to the ceremony time. So if you are getting married at 1pm then I would arrive about 11am to capture the surroundings and all the prep. Every wedding is different of course which is what makes this job so amazing so for each wedding times will be different depending on what you as a couple want and the needs of the day itself.

It’s always the couples choice of course and forms part of the pre wedding planning to discuss with your photographer what you want from your images. I find that it helps to tell the story of your day to include prep in your photography, and after all it’s included in the package price for all day coverage.

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